What to Expect

Sunday Services

9:00am | 10:45am

What to Expect

WE BELIEVE | our purpose as the body of Christ is to Love God and Love Others. Everyone is welcome here.

PRAYER | is a priority in the life of a believer. We are available to pray with you before, during or after service. ON Sundays, look for the people wearing "Prayer Partners" tags or find your way to the cross in the back of the Worship Center or email your request to prayer@communitychurch.tv

COMMUNION | is a time of remembering the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary. It is open to everyone who attends our service who understands its role in their Christian faith. It is located inside the worship center in front of the sound booth! Gluten-free wafers are available as well.

GIVING | financially is a part of a believer's worship. We believe in radical generoisty We offer multiple opportunities to give:

REGULAR GIVING: The Bible says we are to give our tithe or first fruits to support the ministries of the church.

FORWARD WITH GOD: Over and above your regular giving, this offering is for expanding the reach and scope of current ministries.

DOLLAR CLUB: During the giving time, a basket is available at the front for $1 bills. Every single dollar bill goes directly to local ministry partners.

Giving electronically can also be done at any time via the mobile app.