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Forward with God

On June 30, 2019, we celebrated paying off our church mortgage. For years, our congregation faithfully supported the ministries of Community through the FIRST offering and then gave a SECOND offering that accelerated this payoff. Becoming debt-free was a milestone of faith that positioned us to move with God as He reveals His plans through Community Church for this region and beyond.

Today, we believe God is calling us to increase our pursuit of the hopeless and hurting, improve and expand current ministries, and create opportunities and space for people to gather for encouragement, truth, and worship God. We believe God is asking us to dream with Him again as He leads us to be part of His vision for this region. Over the last year and a half, some needed improvements have already happened, and new ones have started. We have seen God fund new worship center lighting and new resources for the children’s ministries. Currently, we are working on heating and AC for check-in and office areas that are without and are wrapping up the relocation of the sound booth. Other projects will begin as funds are available.

Our goal is to keep you informed and invite your participation in current and future capital improvement projects. Every future project will be carefully researched, planned, and completed in such a way that brings kingdom impact while glorifying God. The Elders and Directional Leaders are committed to only moving forward on projects where the object is clear, and there is unity in the timing and manner in how they will be completed.  

You can participate in one or more of these ways:

  • Pray with us as we seek all that God desires for this region.
  • Labor with us if you have special skills or abilities.
  • Give Financiallyabove your regular tithes.  (CLICK HERE + SELECT A CATEGORY)

All funds that exceed project costs will go to the next Forward with God project.

A. CHILDREN, STUDENT, AND FAMILY MINISTRIES: Improving and Equipping Educational Space and Family Connections

  • Relocate and Renovate Our Nursery Playground Integrating It With A Multi-Function Activity Space for Kids, Youth, and Families
  • Replace the Broken Nursery Play Structure
  • Add A Pavilion For Activities and As An Outdoor Teaching Space
  • Add A Concrete Area and Install Multi-Sport Court (Basketball, Nine-Square, Gaga Ball, Pickle Ball)
  • Update Lighting in Elementary Venue Area to LED
  • Add Additional Rolling Partitions for Elementary 
  • Add One or More Vans for Activities and Mission Trips

B. WORSHIP CENTER: Improving and Equipping Corporate Worship, Teaching, and Event Space

  • Replace Carpeting in Worship Center ($42-51,500) 
  • Replace Keyboard
  • Add Wireless In-Ear and Instrument Packs
  • Add Lighting Truss to Lower Moving Lights
  • Stage Backdrop Curtains
  • Add Center Screen + Projector
  • Extend Stage
  • Add Additional Single Padded Chairs
  • Add Wall LED Lighting
  • Replace Acoustic Wall Paneling

C. FACILITIES: COMMON SPACES: Repair & Improve Common Spaces

  • Renovate Community Center Dinning Area + Community Center Restrooms 
  • Replace carpets in Nursery, Community Center, etc.

D. Security: Improving Building Security & Surveillance

  • Update Security Controller + Add Additional Cameras 
  • Add Security Cameras to Worship Center 
  • Update + Add Entrance, Exit, and Check IN/OUT Mag Locks Controllers and RFID Access 

E. GROUNDS: Open Property for Greater Community Access & Events

  • Add Fire Pit & BBQ Grilling Space
  • Add A North Pavilion With Water + Electricity 
  • Add Picnic Tables + Benches to Property
  • Clear & Develop Multiple Trails + Pathways
  • Clear & Develop Additional Family Activity/Event Areas
  • Add Outdoor Games Horseshoes, Corn Hole, Foosball, Etc.
  • Add Additional Overflow Parking

F. ROADS AND PARKING: Maintain and Improve Common Roads and Parking Areas

  • Supplement Current Gravel Areas
  • Gravel East Service Drive
  • Add Gravel Drive Along North Property Line To Pavilion 
  • Extend Gravel Drive Past the South End of the Community Center
  • Pave Additional Parking
  • Replace OG&E Lighting In Parking & Drive Areas
  • Repair/Add Additional Lighting 

G. FUTURE CONSTRUCTION: Assessing, Reviewing, and Designing Future Spaces To Meet The Expanding Ministry Needs Of God’s Church. 

Phase One (Currently Under Way):

  • Work With Ministry Leaders To Confirm Current and Future Educational Facility Needs By Age Group or Ministry Area
  • Incorporate Into Future Room and Space Designs Multi-Purpose or Flex Layouts That Will Accommodate Ministry Growth, Community Groups, Bible Studies, Home School Co-ops, Quilter Guilds, Gideons, Cooking Clubs, etc.
  • Work With Architects To Design Concepts To Meet Those Needs

Future Phases:

  • Present Architectural Concepts To The Church 
  • Wait Upon The Lord For His Provision
  • Build As We Have Provision

If you have any questions or want to become involved, contact one of our Pastors, Elders, or Directional Leaders.

Projects With Expense Are Estimated