Student Camp

Sunday Services

In-Person + Online: 9:00am | 10:45am


We are STOKED for Summit Camp! All your details for camp are here!

If your student attends Catalyst, your student will receive a camp packet June 15th at Catalyst with printed papers of the information below. CLICK THE UNDERLINED LINKS FOR MORE INFO. 


CAMP is Monday, June 27th through Saturday, July 2. We will be at the campground "Camp Green Country" in Disney, OK. Please be on campus by 10:30am Monday morning. Have your student bring a sack lunch to eat on the ride to camp. We plan to be back on Saturday at 3pm. Have your student bring some cash to buy a lunch Saturday on the ride back.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to fill out medical history & transportation waiver. This will take 5 minutes. Your student's safety is our priority. To ensure proper care in the event of illness or accident, we need this medical information from you to care for your child. 


TRANSPORTATION + MEALS are provided. There is a snack shack at camp, so send some cash with your student if they would like to purchase additional snacks.

FUN RUN. On Thursday morning at camp, there is a fun run. Students who want to run can purchase a $15 fun run shirt while at camp. All funds raised from the run will go towards missions.


SCHEDULE. They've got an awesome schedule with a variety of activities. CLICK HERE to check it out!


FAIR DAY. As the theme is cultivate, there will be a "county fair" on Friday at camp. Students can enter an exhibit as an individual or in teams of four in these categories: crafts, cooking, photography and art. 


RECREATION THEME: Churches are encouraged to go to team rec dressed in the camp theme. This means students are invited to wear whatever outfits they can put together along the lines of life on the farm! Students WILL get wet during rec, so consider that as you're putting together an outfit if that's your jam.


THEME NIGHTS: Each night of camp, we will have in-cabin theme nights for just our youth group! It's a time for students to wear silly costumes, but students are not required to wear a costume. Just a fun thing we do :) Below are the 2022 themes our student team put together. 

Monday: 1970s/1980s night. Wear the fashion fads of the era!

Tuesday: Favorite book or movie character

Wednesday: dress like one of the youth leaders

Thursday: NEON Night. Wear all the bright colors!

Friday: USA! We're celebrating Independence Day early!


OPTIONAL CAMP ACTIVITIES: these are built into the schedule and students can pick which they would like to do!

PACKING LIST is right here!

 This is a LOT of information! Please don't hesitate to contact Darla if you have questions or need clarification!