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March 23, 2020

Hello Church Family!

Last Sunday, great things happened through the efforts of a number of people. Across the globe, people sought, heard about, and found our amazing Lord!

Here in the U.S., tens of thousands of churches for the first time began to stream their services online because of CDC and government guidelines due to the Coronavirus. I am thankful we already had 4 years of experience streaming our services live.

However, for the very first time, we pre-recorded various segments of our service, stitched them together, and broadcast at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM. Also for the very first time, we had an online Community Kids segment from 10:15-10:45. Our viewers included local people, people in Kansas, Philippines, Bangladesh, and Laos.

Our Website Reported:
A total of 200 devices connected and watched live. This does not include Facebook Live. Who knows how many family members were watched.

Our Facebook Live Reported:
9:00 AM Worship
2,464 - People Reached
1.2K - Views
822 - Engagements

10:15 Children
139 - People Reached
242 - Views
572 - Engagements

10:45 AM Worship
337 - People Reached
576 - Views
1,501 - Engagements

12:00 Children
67 - People Reached
124 - Views
321 - Engagements

How Does Online Streaming Happen?

Normally a number of people prepare and share at each service. This includes a worship team, communion team, offering team, announcement team, and a preacher. Then a team of four people who capture our live service by two video cameras, the outputs from the soundboard, and graphics from a computer. This is all compiled through a video switcher.

However, last Sunday was different. Noone was on campus Sunday. Instead, a number of people recorded on Saturday various aspects of what we normally experience on Sunday morning. Then Pastor Tyler Rudek put all the pieces together into one video file and uploaded it to the stream service provider we use called Boxcast. Many thanks to everyone involved. This off-site way of producing our Sunday service will continue until we are released to gather again at the church.
Boxcast is the company we send our stream to for distribution. From there the stream is sent to our Website and various other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and now a new service we just started Church Online Platform.
Below are a couple of graphics that might help explain what happens.

Something Broke...

Last Sunday, we added a new service through the "Online Church Platform". We manned this platform and Facebook Live with a live Host and Prayer Team. The Online Church Platform adds Bible, Notes, Giving, Chat, etc.

However, the Online Church Platform crashed from 9:00 till 11:20 AM. Some of you experienced difficulty in viewing the service online or on your mobile devices because of this. This crash was unexpected but Online Church Platform says they have expanded their capacity and are ready for next Sunday.

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  • Our Updated Response To The Coronavirus

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