Membership Application

Sunday ServiCes

9:00am | 10:45am + 5:00pm online only


We are so glad you desire to become a member of Community Church. We hope as you seek God, you find all the joy, hope, and love He offers. We believe an essential step in a believer's journey is committing to a body of believers through membership. Through this commitment, God will grow you and shape you more into the image of His Son.

Church membership is open to any person who professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and is in harmony with our church's doctrines and practices. Membership at Community means you will pursue a Spirit-filled life, healthy relationships, respecting and caring for the other parts of the body, and seek to serve more than be served. You also agree to support the vision, mission, guiding values, and culture of Community Church, as outlined in the "Leading and Serving in Community" document.

Members receive the spiritual covering, care, and training of the elders, pastors, and leaders. They will pray for you, serve with you, and encourage you in your journey.

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